Sponsor a Colleague for the International Palliative Care Network Conference - 2017

Sponsor a Colleague for the International Palliative Care Network Conference - 2017

Sponsor a Colleague for the International Palliative Care Network Conference - 2017

What is the greatest barrier to quality palliative care, globally? It’s Access. Access to education. Access to a network of other palliative care experts like you. Access to the tools and supplies you need to do your job effectively.

Imagine what you could accomplish with access to lectures and posters from colleagues around the world all while never having to leave your computer. That is where International Palliative Care Network Conference 2017 comes in. This year’s theme is “Moving Knowledge Across Borders” and it highlights a fundamental component of palliative care – support. Palliative care is about teamwork and supporting each other for the benefits of the patients, their families and caregivers, and each other as interdisciplinary team members.

Dalisto Tiyamike Mzinganjira of Malawi attended the International Palliative Care Network Conference and had this to say:

PCN’s annual conference has been an amazing contribution towards promotion of palliative care scientific research. The conference offers a rare opportunity for health care professionals with their allies and the general public to participate and share great breakthroughs from every corner of the globe, be it in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Iceland etc. with just an access to the internet and a computer.

This year’s program has been very exceptional for me, especially from a nursing perspective. PCN show cased more quality and a wide range of nursing scientific cohorts. I personally think the conference was well organized and very successful. Apart from the nursing presentations, I enjoyed the entire event with a lot of interesting discussions and discoveries. I spired by what I learned from this year’s conference, I would like to invite and encourage everybody across the entire globe to utilize the PCN platform and participate in the upcoming events. Your life and career will never be the same, for it’s a very transforming experience.”

Palliative Care Network’s annual international conference helps to bridge the gaps in palliative care knowledge which is so critical across the world. This year PCN is hoping to expand access to international attendees who may not be able to virtually attend the conference through their Sponsor a Colleague program.

By covering the registration fee for a palliative care professional you are not only helping them to gain new insights and knowledge from experts around the world but you are positively impacting the patients that he or she cares for and their families.

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