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  • Media Watch 484

    Media Watch 484

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    Ethics, emotions, and the skills of talking about progressing disease with terminally ill adolescents: A review    JAMA PEDIATRICS | Online – 17 October 2016 – The authors reviewed the ethical justifications...
  • Media Watch 483

    Media Watch 483

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    Voluntary stopping eating and drinking: Death with dignity or without? NARRATIVE INQUIRY IN BIOETHICS, 2016;6(2):109-113. Conceivably, in an ideal world, all patients with a life-limiting illness would receive optimal hospice and palliative care...
  • Media Watch 482

    Media Watch 482

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    What cost components are relevant for economic evaluations of palliative care,and what approaches are used to measure these costs? A systematic review PALLIATIVE MEDICINE | Online – 26 September 2016 – The authors’ findings...
  • Media Watch 481

    Media Watch 481

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    A proposal for values-based law reform on unilateral withholding and withdrawal of potentially life-sustaining treatment ALBERTA LAW REVIEW | In Print – Accessed 23 September 2016 – As the legalization of assisted dying...
  • Media Watch 480

    Media Watch 480

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    Who knew? Inpatient palliative care also saves money MEDSCAPE | Online – 12 September 2016 – Researchers from Johns Hopkins Health System in Baltimore, Maryland, found in addition to improving quality of care and patient...
  • Media Watch 479

    Media Watch 479

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    “Mystery shopper” study finds barriers to palliative care at major cancer centers   MEDICALXPRESS | Online – 7 September 2016 – A team of U.S. researchers, using a novel approach, found that while many cancer...
  • Media Watch 478

    Media Watch 478

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    Clinical checklists, tick boxes, and other aides memoire in end-of-life care in out-of-hours general practice   BRITISH JOURNAL OF GENERAL PRACTICE | Online – 1 September 2016 – Although the 2015 National...
  • Media Watch 477

    Media Watch 477

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    Palliative care in cancer: Managing patients’ expectations JOURNAL OF MEDICAL RADIATION SCIENCES | Online – 9 August 2016 – Advanced cancer patients commonly have misunderstandings about the intentions of treatment and...
  • Media Watch 476

    Media Watch 476

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    We doctors see death all around us, but we don’t like to think about our own THE WASHINGTON POST | Online – 15 August 2016 – Physicians, like most people, do not want to discuss the implications of their own mortality. We forgo...
  • Media Watch 475

    Media Watch 475

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    Patients’ perception of types of errors in palliative care: Results from a qualitative interview study BMC PALLIATIVE CARE | Online – 11 August 2016 – In times where more and more studies are conducted to generate “hard...