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Care of the critically ill burn patient: An overview from the perspective of optimizing palliative care

ANNALS OF THE AMERICAN THORACIC SOCIETY | Online – 7 June 2017 – Burn specialists have long recognized the need for and role modeled a comprehensive approach incorporating relief of distress as part of care during critical illness. More recently, palliative care (PC) specialists have become part of the healthcare team in many U.S. hospitals, especially larger academic institutions that are more likely to have designated burn centers. No current literature describes the intersection of PC and burn care or integration of primary and specialist PC in this unique context. This authors gives an overview of burn care; focuses on pain and other symptoms in burn ICU settings; addresses special needs of critically ill burned patients, families, and clinicians for high-quality PC; and highlights potential benefits of integrating primary and specialist PC in burn critical care. American Burn Association guidelines lay the foundation for a robust system of PC delivery, embedding PC principles and processes in intensive care by burn providers. Understanding basic burn care, challenges for symptom management and communication, and culture of the particular burn unit, can optimize quality and integration of primary and specialist PC in this distinctive setting.