Media Watch 517

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Product or process: Cultural competence or cultural humility?

PALLIATIVE MEDICINE & HOSPICE CARE | Online – 17 April 2017 – The Institute of Healthcare’s Triple Aim Initiative (TAI) identifies the improvement of patients’ experience as one of three key components necessary for optimizing the American health care and cost-delivery systems. Widely adopted today, the TAI’s focus on patient-centered care also implicitly embeds the idea of care that is culturally sensitive (CS). Perhaps nowhere in the health-care delivery system is this emphasis on patient-centered, CS care more important than for those addressing life-limiting illness or for frail elders who are coping with the advanced stages of multiple chronic conditions. These two patient populations have been the target of numerous studies in cross-cultural research, much of which has shown that dialogue surrounding palliative care and hospice is eased when caregivers, both clinical and laypersons, are CS. Cultural sensitivity supports the development of trust and rapport with patients. The crucial question is how cultural sensitivity can best be achieved when working with a diverse patient population. This editorial provides insight into the meaning of culture and to examine two leading methods for acquiring some degree of cultural sensitivity: cultural competence and cultural humility