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  • Awards

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    The first author of all accepted posters will receive an e-certificate. The first author of all outstanding posters that will be identified during the exhibition will receive an e-certificate with a honorable mention. 1st Prize:  US $500 2nd...
  • Timeline

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    July 15,2009: Announcement of project August 1,2009: Submissions open at 00:00 Eastern Time,USA October 15,2009: Submissions close at 11:59 pm Eastern Time, USA November 1,2009: Palliative Care Network Poster Exhibition goes live December 2009:...
  • Poster Guidelines

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    If submitted posters are difficult to read, they will be rejected. Identify the category your poster belongs to as the subject of your email submission. If not mentioned, the poster will be rejected. Text on posters should be readable when...
  • How To Participate

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      Participation is for free. Download the Power Point template. You will be able to open a preset template that you can use. You are free to alter the template and agree not to tamper with the bottom part in blue. You can add logos and...

    Last updated by Posters2009
    Palliative Care Network and Palliative Care Network Community are not responsible or liable for the contents of the posters. Any file that is downloaded is at your own risk. Palliative Care Network/Palliative Care Network Community are not...

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