List of Accepted Abstracts 2016: Revision

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List of Accepted Abstracts

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A Ghoshal
Specialist Pediatric Palliative Care  (SPPC) referral practices in India: A large five-year retrospective audit - Poster

B Korn
Planning for the future: addressing the information gaps for people living with COPD – Findings from a collaborative working group - Poster

G. Bollig
Palliative Care for ALL in rural Denmark - the Palliative Care Team of Southern Jylland - Poster

C Cameron
Provincial Emergency Medical Services Palliative and End of Life Care Assess, Treat and Refer Program – Year One Review -Poster

Provincial Emergency Medical Services Palliative and End of Life Care Assess, Treat and Refer Program – Year One Review and Next Steps – Lecture

C Goldie
Minimizing patient loss to follow-up in palliative care using information technology - Poster

D. Shanagher
Loss and Grief in Dementia - Poster

The Palliative Care Needs of People with Advancing Neurological Disease in Ireland - Poster

Supporting people with dementia to die at home in Ireland - Poster

Guidance for healthcare staff: Advance Care Planning and Advance Healthcare Directives with People with Dementia - Poster

D. Bickel
Palliative Care in Primary Care Settings - Poster

E. Smith
Impact of Neuropathic Pain Treatments on Opioid Use and Pain Level in Gastrointestinal and Genitourinary Malignancy - Poster

F. Reed
A model of successful district nurse advocacy care for the end-of-life goals of rural Australians - Lecture

I Onapito
An Exploration of Narratives as a form of Spiritual support to patients with life limiting illnesses within Mulago National Referral Hospital - Poster 

J Downes
Psychosocial Issues Faced by CALD Populations in End of Life Care - Lecture

J Shalom
Integrating Palliative Care and Active Care in the Context of a Nursing Home; Where to Draw the Line? - Lecture

J R da Costa
Professional  And  Affective  Relations:  The  Importance  For Women In Breast Cancer Treatment - Poster

J. Whyte
Mind the Gap: addressing the mental health treatment gap in palliative care - Lecture

J. Kullgren
Pain Management in the Geriatric Patient - Lecture

K. Turiindeed
Study Of Correlation Within Psychological And Spiritual Suffering In Palliative Care Cancer Patients - Poster

L Zirimenya
Symptom Prevalence And Burden In Cancer Patients: Are They Affected By HIV/AIDS? - Poster

M K Akhouri
Oral Complication of Cancer Treatments - Poster

M Benavides
Care at the limits of viability in Colombia. Challenges in decision making in end-of-life decisions for extremely preterm infants. A cases study. - Poster

Colombian Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Experience – Lecture

M Ciruzzi
Descriptive  Study  On  The  Opinion  Of  Members  Of  The  National Criminal  And  Civil  (Family)  Courts  In  Cases  Of  Witholding  Orwithdrawing Life Sustaining Treatment In Paediatrics - Lecture

M Lynch
The GP - OOH Palliative Care Handover Project - Poster

M Pane
Factor   Influencing   Emotional   Exhaustion   On   Caregivers   Of Patients With Cancer - Poster

M Harrison
Paramedics Providing Palliative Care at Home in Nova Scotia & PEI, Canada – Lecture

N Shah
Assessing decision-making capacity in patients with cancer and untreated psychiatric illness - Poster

N O Galsanjamts
Study of pain medication usage within palliative care cancer patients in hospices of Mongolia – Poster

O Davaasuren
Correlation within pain score and side effects of pain killers –Poster

Usage of adjuvant for pain management within palliative care cancer patients in hospices of Mongolia  - Poster

P Baldwin
Filial obligation and the South Asian Indian hospice caregiver: A case report – Poster

P Christensen
Utilizing the Macy Catheter to Facilitate Rapid Symptom Control in the Home Setting: A Case Series Review - Poster

R Villadiego
Parental contrary positions in decision making at the end of life of a newborn. A case study. – Poster

F Terzioglu
Spiritual  Care  for  Cancer  Patients:  From  Perspective  of  Turkish  Oncology Nurses  -Lecture

A  Strategy  For  Enhancing  Quality  Of  Palliative  Care  In  Turkey: Inter-Professional Simulation Training In Palliative Care – Lecture

T Mitchell
A Bridge From The Hospice: A qualitative study of patients’ and carers’experiences of a Hospice at Home Service - Poster