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Annual International Palliative Care Network Conference: Online 'Poster Exhibition' and 'Lecture Series' initiated to promote palliative care education globally.

Audio Log: Compilation of audio interviews on the various aspects of palliative care. Library: Access to Palliative Care information submitted from around the world in the format of books, drug protocols, promotional materials, Power Point presentations.

Media Watch by Barry Ashpole: Media Watch is distributed weekly to colleagues who are active or have a special interest in hospice, palliative care and end-of-life issues to help keep them abreast of current, emerging and related issues, and to also inform discussion and to encourage further inquiry.

Palliative Care Network Directory: List of Palliative Care Professionals from around the world interested in collaborating to share knowledge and information.

Spiritual Dimensions: The Spiritual Dimensions channel of Palliative Care Network will engage Palliative Care professionals and spiritual leaders in conversations about the spiritual care and wellness components of Palliative Care. We will be in dialogue with chaplains, nuns, philosophers, healers, researchers and spiritualists of all denominations and faith traditions to discuss the intersection of the soul and body around issue of compassionate care, well being, death and dying.

Share a Lecture Program: A collection of Power Point presentations submitted by Palliative Care professionals in order to promote the concept of sharing information worldwide for free.