Call for Abstracts

International Palliative Care Network Conference – 2014

Lecture Series and Poster Exhibition

Call for Abstracts - Deadline Extended to July 15!


E-Certificate issued to first authors of all accepted lectures and posters





Palliative Care Network (PCN) is now accepting abstracts to be considered for the International Palliative Care Network Conference (IPCNC) - 2014 - Lecture Series and Poster Exhibition.

The FIRST of its kind in the world, the PCN platform gives you the opportunity to “MAKE THE WORLD YOUR AUDIENCE”.  IPCNC will be hosted on PCN’s online Community at no charge to participants. 

The IPCNC is a Virtual Conference with the goal of exchanging Palliative Care Education knowledge for FREE.

The IPCNC-2014 Scientific Panel encourages submissions from all fields of Palliative Care from across the globe. Be part of the dynamic group of Palliative Care professionals from across the globe.  Submit your work!


How To Submit an Abstract

  • Review all information before submitting the abstract.
  • Any deviation from the guidelines will result in the abstract not being reviewed.  
  • Abstracts must be in English.
  • Abstracts submitted to other conferences/meetings are welcome.
  • Authors should ensure that their abstracts provide sufficient detail so that reviewers will be able to fully evaluate the author's work.
  • Identify preference for Lecture Presentation or Poster Presentation in the subject.
  • Abstracts are to be submitted as a word document, Arial font with font size of 12.
  • There is no limit to the number of abstracts that can be submitted.


Submit your inquiries/ abstracts to  for review and consideration. 



The abstract should be presented with the following:

  • Title
  • Aim(s)
  • Methods
  • Results and Conclusions
  • If poster, include Category


Word Limit

  • Abstracts must contain a title with the author(s) name(s), institution and country of the individual who intends to present the lecture at the virtual conference. 
  • Abstracts must not be longer than 200 words (excluding title).
  • Longer abstracts will not be reviewed and will be automatically rejected.


  • Deadline for submission is 11:59 PM EST (USA), July 15 30, 2014. 
  • Early submission is encouraged.


Abstract Selection

Accepted abstracts will be announced on the PCN Community Site by July 21, 2014.*  

*Dates subject to change



By submitting an abstract you agree to the following terms:

  • Any conflict of interest/funding for the activity presented must be mentioned when the abstract is submitted.
  • Any Industry sponsored work that is submitted needs to be disclosed on the Lecture Presentation/Poster.
  • Authors of all accepted abstracts must adhere to the terms set forth by PCN prior to their presentations.
  • Solicitation or promotion is strictly prohibited.
  • PCN will have unrestricted license to print, reproduce, and distribute the Presentation (Lecture/Poster). PCN will have no editorial rights/no ownership of content. PCN copyrights the posters to allow unrestricted use and distribution of posters for educational purposes.
  • Abstracts submitted for a Lecture Presentation may be invited to be presented as a poster and vice versa.
  • Posters submitted by or on behalf of Industry related sponsors are not eligible for an award.
  • Posters submitted by volunteers of Palliative Care Network are not eligible for an award or a honorable mention.
  • By submitting an abstract, you ,the author, acknowledge that the content of your Lecture Presentation/Poster is your original work and you are responsible for all its contents. Authors are required to get the necessary permissions for copyrighted materials and materials such as pictures etc. If any product, institution or entity is mentioned, it is the responsibility of the author to get the appropriate permissions prior to submission.
  • PCN and the presenters are not responsible or liable for the information presented.
  • The information presented in the Conference is purely for educational purposes.
  • PCN reserves the right to eliminate an accepted Lecture Presentation/Poster from the Conference if the final version of the presentation(s) is not approved by the scientific panel or the guidelines are not followed.
  • Your email address will be added to the PCN mailing list.

*Terms are subject to change. 


Final Method of Presentation 


  • The selected abstracts need to be presented online in a power point lecture format with audio in English at the IPCNC-2014.
  • For reference to the 2011 Lecture Series, click here. Log in to the community site to access the lectures.
  • The accepted Presentations must be limited to 20 slides and no longer than 20 minutes running time.
  • The Presentation file size cannot exceed 10MB. 
  • The Conference will go live on the PCN Community Site in October 2014. 

Posters :

  • Poster must be submitted on the provided template in English. 
  • The PCN logo at the bottom must not be tampered with and the poster dimensions should be followed.  Alterations in logo or dimensions can lead to poster being eliminated from exhibition.
  • Identify the Category that your poster fits best: 
    • Poster Categories:  click here.
    • Reference to past posters:  click here



January 15, 2014:   Call for abstracts

July15, 2014:       Deadline for abstract submission                            

July21, 2014:          List of accepted abstracts for Lectures Series and  
                              Poster Exhibition 
announced online

August 15, 2014:     All accepted/required materials must be submitted
                              for the Conference

October 2014:         International Palliative Care Network Conference
                               – 2014 Lecture Series 
goes live

November 1, 2014:  International Palliative Care Network Conference              
                               – 2014 Poster Exhibition
goes live

December 2014:      Winners of the International Palliative Care  
                               Network Conference – 2014  Leture Series and  
oster Exhibition announced

*Dates subject to change