Plenary and Invited Lectures 2017

International Palliative Care Network Conference 2017
held under the auspices of the European Association for Palliative Care ONLUS   

Invited Speakers

Gap and Need for Evidence Based Research in Palliative Care
David Currow – Plenary Speaker

Dignity Therapy
Marina Martínez-García -Plenary Speaker

Prognosis of Pain
Shalini Dalal - Plenary Speaker

Taking Care of Pediatric Patients Dying at Home
Anthony Herbert

National Consensus Project Guidelines for Quality Palliative Care : The Next Generation
Betty Ferrell

A New Model of Late Stage Disease Management​
Daniel Hoeffer

An Update on Palliative Care Developments in Africa
Fatia Kiyange

Spiritual Issues in Palliative Care
Reverend George Handzo

Bereavement: An Update on Complicated Grief
Elizabeth "Liz" Lobb

Opioid Induced Constipation - Important aspects in Palliative Care Settings
Luís Fernando Rodrigues

It's A Way of Being: The Contribution of Silence to Spiritual Care at the End of Life
Lynn Bassett

Rehabilitation in Palliative Care: A Physiotherapists Perspective
Rachael Sharples

Improving Support for Family Carers in Palliative Care: What Have We Learned from the New Zealand Experience?
Merryn Gott

Access to Quality Palliative Care in India
Nandini Vallath

Don’t Abandon Your Patient and Family When Hospice Takes Over
Rupinder K. Sidhu

Navigating the Tide: Talking with Children About Dying and Death
Sandra Sternberg

The Role of the Occupational Therapist in Palliative Rehabilitation
Sharon Witton

Keys for Quality Advance Care Planning Conversations
Shirley Otis Green

Strategies to Manage Fatigue in Palliative Care Patients
Sriram Yennu

The Intersection of Palliative Care and Ethics: A Case Based Approach
Timothy Quill

Implementing the Pain Free Hospital Initiative (PFHI) in Kenya
Zipporah Ali

Delirium in Palliative Care
Meera AgarClinically

Clinically Significant Drug Interactions: Calling All Palliative Care Practitioners!
Mary Lynn McPhersonIs

Is Home Based Palliative Care a Good Option?
Marta Ximena León