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To work together, especially in a joint intellectual effort.




Palliative Care Network-e is a movement relying on the ability of Palliative care professionals from different parts of the world to collaborate.

It is committed to providing a free platform to promote palliative care education.



In June of 2008, Palliative Care Network started a new initiative, Palliative Care Network-e (PCN-e). The "e" stands for education.

PCN-e's mission is to globally share palliative care information on a single platform.

The initial project was a recorded video conference. To improve accessibility and participation, the following sessions were conducted in audio format. Hence the launching of the audiolog project. 


Special thanks to the following individuals who helped launch the project:


Amit Gupta, USA
Annette Street, Australia
Ayesha K. Shaikh, India
Monica Solomon, India
Peter Cruz, USA
Rachel Parent, USA
Ralph Diedericks, South Africa
Roberto Wenk, Argentina
Shaily Gupta, USA
Tanvir Alam, UK


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