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      Spiritual Dimensions - Interviews

       Select a title below:   Spirituality and Medicine - A Chaplains Perspective Stephen Jenkinson: Learning to Die and Live Well   The Intersection of Choice and Care   Zen and the Art of Compassionate Care     Create a free account to ...

      Tags: emily burg, spiritual dimensions, stephen jenkinson, zen, art, compassionate, care, intersection, choice, sheena, iyengar, learning, to die, live, well

      • CONFERENCE 2012

        Narratives to Assess Spiritual Pain

          The Rev Dr Andrew Goodhead Chaplain/Spiritual Care Lead St. Christopher’s Hospice, London  

        Tags: lecture, series, 2012, spanish, espanol, invited, conference, rev, reverend, andrew, goodhead, chaplain, spiritual, care, lead, saint, christopher's, Hospice, london, narratives, assess, spiritual, pain

        • CONFERENCE 2012

          Pain Relief and Palliative Care as Human Rights

            Liliana De Lima, MHA Executive Director International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care  

          Tags: Lecture, series, 2012, conference, invited, international, association, hospice, palliative, care, iahpc, liliana, de, delima, lima, pain, relief, palliative, care, human, rights

          • CONFERENCE 2012

            Palliative Care, Rehabilitation, and Hospice: Who, what, when, where, and why?

              Timothy E. Quill, MD, FACP, FAAHPM Director, Palliative Care Program University of Rochester Medical Center Rochester, New York

            Tags: lecture, series, lectures, 2012, pcn, conference, invited, timothy, quill, palliative, care, rehabilitation, hospice, who, what, when, where, why, rochester, director

            • CONFERENCE 2012

              Pediatric Pain Management

              Sabrina F. Derrington, MD Attending Physician, Comfort and Palliative Care Team Children’s Hospital Los Angeles 

              Tags: lecture, series, lectures, 2012, pcn, conference, invited, sabrina, derrington, pediatric, pain, management, comfort, palliative, care, team, children's, hospital, children

              • CONFERENCE 2012

                Ubiquitous Palliative Care

                 Ateendra Gupta India

                Tags: posters, poster, 2012, exhibition, ubiquitous, palliative, care, ateendra, gupta

                • CONFERENCE 2012

                  Integrated Distress Activity Score (IDAS): Its Concept and Clinical Application

                  Yukari Hattori MD Tomohiro Nishi MD, Masayuki Sato MD, Kyoko Sato MD, Ayako Takemi RN, Shoko Tsutsui RN, Yoko Metoki, RN, Hiroshi Ishiguro MD, Tadashi Miyamori MD Japan

                  Tags: posters, poster, 2012, Yukari, Hattori, kawasaki, comprehensive, care, center, municipal, ida, hospital, japan, kanagawa, miyamori, tomohiro, nishi, masayuki, sato, kyoko, sato, ayako, takemi, shoko, tsutsui, yoko, metoki, hiroshi, ishiguro, tadashi

                  • CONFERENCE 2012

                    Establishment of an Allied Health Palliative Care Interest Group in South Australia

                     Lauren Woodford Pam Turner, Tiiu Kannussaar South Australia

                    Tags: poster, posters, exhibition, 2012, establishment, allied, health, palliative, care, interest, group, south, australia, lauren, woodford, sa health, adeladide,

                    • CONFERENCE 2012

                      Palliative Care: A Cultural Perspective of Pakistan

                      Sana Habib Shehla Noorani, Narmin Roudani and Ali Bakhsh Pakistan

                      Tags: poster, exhibition, 2012, posters, sana, habib, palliative, care, cultural, perspective, pakistan

                      • CONFERENCE 2012

                        Quality Assurance on the Acute Palliative Care Unit: Evaluation of the Edmonton Symptom Assessment Scale (ESAS)

                            Paul Chenowith USA

                        Tags: poster, exhibition, 2012, paul, chenowith, summa, health, system, quality, assurance, acute, palliative, care, unit, evaluation, edmonton, system, evaluation, scale