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      Check this page often to see updated listings of courses, training, conferences and events that can help shape your professional life. Lifelong learning is the process of acquiring knowledge or skills throughout your life. This can be through education, training, work and general life expe...

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        Spiritual Dimensions - Interviews

         Select a title below:   Spirituality and Medicine - A Chaplains Perspective Stephen Jenkinson: Learning to Die and Live Well   The Intersection of Choice and Care   Zen and the Art of Compassionate Care     Create a free account to ...

        Tags: emily burg, spiritual dimensions, stephen jenkinson, zen, art, compassionate, care, intersection, choice, sheena, iyengar, learning, to die, live, well

        • CONFERENCE 2012

          E-learning Course in Palliative Care for Rehabilitation Students at Medical College Plovdiv, Bulgaria

          Penka Kolchakova Angelina Kirkova Plovdiv, Bulgaria

          Tags: poster, posters, exhibition, 2012, e, learning, course, palliative, care, rehabilitation, students, medical, college, plovdiv, bulgaria, penka, kolchakova

          • CONFERENCE 2012

            Developing a 'Learning Organisation': Introducing Critical Incident Analysis as a Tool for Change in a Palliative Care Service

            Bel Morris Advanced Practice Pharmacist South Australia  

            Tags: poster, posters, 2012, conference, exhibition, developing, learning, organisation, organization, introducing, critical, incident, analysis, tool, change, palliative, care, service, south, australia, bel, morris, belinda, pharmacist, adelaide,