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      Mark Baker

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        How CareSearch helps health professionals

        This one-page brochure introduces you to what CareSearch is all about.

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          @CareSearch Newsletter - August 2011

            If you are having difficulties reading this newsletter, view the web browser version here.     Welcome to the August 2011 edition of @CARESEARCH. This month's edition includes: FROM THE WEBSITE nur...

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            Education, training and conferences/events

            Check this page often to see updated listings of courses, training, conferences and events that can help shape your professional life. Lifelong learning is the process of acquiring knowledge or skills throughout your life. This can be through education, training, work and general life expe...

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              What is palliative care?

              Palliative care is a type of health care. It is provided to those whose illness cannot be cured. It helps people to live as well as possible while they manage their illness. Palliative care concentrates on maintaining quality of life by controlling physical symptoms, such as pain or si...

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                Palliative Care Reports

                  Access to Palliative Care as a Human RightHyperlinks to Reports and Articles "I wanted to fall head down and be dead right away so it wouldn't hurt anymore."– Vlad Zhukovsky, a cancer patient, describing a failed suicide attempt The Global Situation Report: Please Do Not Make U...

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